Charlotte, North Carolina October 8-11, 2016




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SAIR Awards

SAIR Service Awards

Each year SAIR gives out four special recognition awards. Three are for current members of SAIR and the fourth is a conference travel award to a graduate student. The three member awards include the James R. Montgomery Outstanding Service Award, the Distinguished Membership Award, and the SAIR Special Recognition Unsung Hero Award.

The nomination process for these special recognition awards is now open. Additional information regarding these awards is available at

Annual Best Factbook and Website Competition

SAIR has a lively competition for the best printed and electronic Fact Books, printed Mini Fact Book, and website.

Submissions for the Best Website and Electronic Factbook are due by Wednesday, June 15, 2016 to Emily Campbell. You can submit your printed materials at the conference, by noon Monday, October 10th.

Look for announcements via SAIR mail and the Southern AIR newsletter for more information on these document and electronic awards.

For more information on SAIR Awards, contact Emily Campbell.

All winners will be announced at the Tuesday morning Awards Breakfast.
SAIR 2016 Charlotte