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The conference program will include pre-conference workshops along with concurrent paper, panel, software demonstration, and workshare sessions. Throughout the conference, as we collaborate on important professional topics, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new colleagues and renew friendships.

Proposals addressing all areas relevant to the practice of institutional research, accreditation, assessment, and strategic planning are invited, as are proposals relevant to community and two-year colleges, or the impacts of new technology. Preference is given to those sessions providing insight on how attendees can incorporate lessons learned at their institution. If Internet access is needed, please request such access during the proposal process. The following types of sessions are available:

Papers (45 minutes)

Papers should describe a research study or an effective process or technique (quantitative or qualitative), present a theoretical approach to a problem or issue, or review the literature on a topic of interest to institutional researchers.

Panels (45 minutes)

Panel presentations involve three or more individuals who present different perspectives on a common theme or topic. The proposal should describe the common theme/topic and the major points of discussion. The proposal should also describe how each panelist contributes a different perspective to the session.

Software Demonstrations (45 minutes)

Presentations should demonstrate one or more software packages or programming solutions that are applicable to the work of institutional researchers. The proposal should describe the relative strengths, weaknesses, and special features of the product or solution. The presenter should also discuss the hardware required for the software/solution.

Workshare (45 minutes)

Workshare sessions provide an opportunity to share professional work products, effective practices, innovative applications, and creative solutions that are not ready to be presented as a paper. A proposal should include a description of the topic and its applicability to other institutions.

Pre-Conference Workshops (3 hours)

Pre-Conference Workshops provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion and instruction on a single topic. Demonstrations, exercises, group activities, and other methods of experiential learning are appropriate and desirable. Proposals should outline the specific objectives of the workshop, the intended audience (novice or experienced researchers, prerequisite knowledge/skills, etc.), the instructional techniques and the qualifications of the instructor(s). Proposals also must include an estimate of the reimbursable expenses and the minimum and maximum number of participants allowed. Workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

SAIR 2017 Fort Worth