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Hyatt Regency
October 10-13
Savannah, GA




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Welcome to SAIR 2015

Savannah is extraordinarily rich in history offering many parks and museums including: Forsyth Park (offering a Farmer's Market on Saturdays); Museums include: Georgia State Railroad Museum (featuring a steam engine ride); Forts Jackson and Pulaski (with daily interactive programs) among few East Coast forts surviving both the War of 1812 and the Civil War; the Ships of the Sea Maritime museum with its classic gardens; or the Telfair art museum and the Georgia Historical Society with their fine collections.

Transportation from the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport is about a 20 minute drive to the Hyatt by taxi or shuttle.

Shuttle service runs every hour for $20.00 one way and $30.00 round trip and should be pre-arranged at: (click on make reservations now).

For those looking for more of a night life after hours- here are some possible suggestions:

Haunting the Sovereign State of Savannah

(Selection micromanaged by Savannah's IR establishment;
Savannah has many other attractions, some famous. We've included
here some hidden gems you might not find on your own.)

Haunted Cemeteries: (Truly Haunted by Savannah's ancients.)

Colonial Park 201 Oglethorpe; 912\651\6843 (Sherman camped Yankee army) (click on make reservations now).

Bonaventure 330 Bonaventure Rd; 912-651-6843 (featured in Midnight in Garden..)

Laurel Grove 802 W. Anderson St. 912-651-6772 (segregated from 1850; Civil War section)

Catholic 1720 Wheaton St 912-201-4062

Special Pubs: [Feel haunted if you stay long enough!]
Crystal Beer Parlor 301 W. Jones St. 912-349-1000 (Prohibition survivor)

Six Pence 245 Bull St. 912-233-3151

Kevin Barry’s 117 W. River St. 912-233-9626 (authentic Irish music)

Churchill’s Pub & Rest. 13 W. Bay St. 912-232-8501 (British atmosphere; paneled)

Rocks on the Roof 102 W. Bay St. 912-721-3901 (Best riverfront view!)

Doc’s Bar 10 16th St. Tybee 912-786-5506 (the beach rat hangout) TYBEE/318986144915481
Bier Haus Gastropub 513 E. Oglethrope Ave. 912-349-1163 (almost like Budapest) {before refugee crowds}

McDonough’s 21 E. McDonough St. 912-233-6136 (Karaoke anyone?)
Coach’s Corner 3016 E. Victory Dr. 912-352-2933 (The TV Sports bar)

Savannah Gentlemen’s Club 325 E. Montgomery 912-920-9800 (we just heard about this one)

Tricky & Tasty Treats: (some come to Savannah & claim they gain weight!? Really?)

River Street Sweets 13 E. River Street 912-234-4608 (just yum)

Candy Kitchen 225 E. River St. 800-619-3993 (more yum)

Leopold’s Ice Cream 212 E. Broughton 912-234-4442 (double yum!)

Krispy Kreme 2749 Skidaway Rd. 912-354-5035 (can’t eat just one)

Savannah Bee Co. 104 W. Broughton 800-955-5080 (Tupelo Honey/Mead tastings)

Byrd Cookie Co. 213 W. St. Julian 912-33-8816 (with Scenic Tins!)

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar 42 Martin Luther King Blvd. 912-480-4564 (not for the faint-hearted!)

The Salt Table 51 Barnard St. 912-447-0200 (Who knew? More than Morten’s?)

Bakers’ Pride Bakery 840 De Renne Ave 912-352-1663 (die for their apple fritter!)

Cuisine Classics: [Savannah’s not for dieting; we’re serious about food; these among our favorites…]

Huey’s On the River 115 E. River St. 912-234-7384 (biegnets/caf au lait/blood mry) {excellent river-front, river-level view}

Bayou Café 14 N. Abercorn Ramp 912-233-6411 (great hole in wall w/ music) {country-western style music; intimate}

Vinnie Van Go-Go 317 W. Bryan St. 912-233-6394 (Pizza---cash only!) {some say best pizza in town; deliver on bike}

Olde Pink House 23 Abercorn St. 912-232-4286 (Upscale antique setting; good) (

AKA: Planters’ Inn)
Planters Tavern 23 Abercorn St. 912-232-4286 (Basement Piano Bar) (dark/cozy, same food)

Alligator Soul 114 Barnard St. 912-232-7899 (with exotic food & coctails) {features lots of discerning organic stuff—not oxymoronic}

Garibaldi’s 315 W. Congress St. 912-232-7118 (swanky/noisy; City Market) {sort of low-brow elegant (?) }

Rancho Alegre Cuban 402 Martin Luther Blvd. 912-292-1656 (a bit of Havana flavor!) (Music week ends; Guanabana juice: Yum)

B & D Burgers 13 E. Boughton St. 912-221-0986 (local gourmet) {Huge variety of burgers.}

Green Truck Pub 2430 Habersham St. 912-234-5885 (local sourced, handmade) {even home-made catsup & pickles!)

Betty Bombers All American Eatery 1108 Bull St. 912-272-9326 (In Am. Legion Hall) {‘40’s motif w/ WWII era décor, posters & music}

Sandfly BBQ Streamliner 1220 Barnard St. 912-335-8058 (great low country BBQ) {Memphis style sweet sauce; best cake around}

Jazz’d Tapas Bar 52 Barnard St. 912-236-7777 (cool underground hangout) {Imagine Andalucia + Carribean, updated w/ New Orleans.}

King and I Thai Cuisine 7098 Hodgson Memorial Dr. 912-355-2100 (authentic & uncrowded) {Curry, ginger, & garlic stir-fried w/ noodles & meats}

Toucan Café 531 Stephenson Ave. 912-352-2233 (tourists never find it!) {they call it “Greek

Fusion”; it’s much more & great}
Sweet Potatoes Kitchen 6825 Waters Ave. 912-352-3434 (really? healthy So. food?! {go for peach glaze, gumbo, or Jamaican Jerk…)

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room 107 W. Jones St. 912-232-5997 (down-home lunch only) {family style seating; boardinghouse-like; since 1943}

Tubby’s (Thunderbolt) 2909 River Dr. 912-354-9040 (more leisurely than Riverfront) {some of freshest fish around town}

Wiley’s Championship BBQ 4700 Hiway 80 912-201-3259 (Outstanding, Wilmington Isl.)

Basil’s Pizza & Deli 216 Johnnny Mercer Blvd. 912-897-6400 (Italian sub is very good.) (great sandwiches/wraps; Wilmington Isl.}

Marlin Monroe Surfside 404 Butler Ave. 912-786-4745 (Tybee Island, oceanfront patio) (easy, free prkg; outdoor bar; walk onto beach

Crab Shack 40 Estill Hammock Rd. 912-786-9857 (Tybee Island, marsh patio seats) {Jimmy Buffet music, gator gaggle, & Low Cntry. boil!}

North Beach Bar & Grill 33 Meddin Drive, Tybee 912-786-4442 (Oceanfront, by Lighthouse) {Set amid WWI fort; ocean front patio}

Historic Mansions: [Danger: these are all seriously haunted; ghostbusters not allowed in Savannah!]

Mercer-Williams 429 Bull St. 912-236-6352

Owens-Thomas 124 Abercorn St. 912-790-8800

Sorrel-Weed 6 W. Harris St. 912-257-2223

Juliet Low 10 E. Oglethorpe Av. 912-233-4501

Green—Meldrim 14 W. Macon St. 912-233-3845

Andrew Low 329 Abercorn 912-233-6854

Isaiah Davenport 324 E. State 912-236-8097

Parks & Outdorsey Stuff: [dare to walk alone in the land of goblins, gators, & sand gnats]

Daffin Park 1500 E. Victory Dr. & Waters St. (with a big pond, baseball,) and kiddie playground)
[Crow periodically circumnavigates pretending to mimic a flaneur du Savannah]

Forsyth Park Drayton St. & East Park Ave. (the famous fountain!)

Savannah’s 22 historic Squares (Around the historic district; try walking to all!)

Oatland Island Wildlife Ctr. 711 Sandtown Rd. 912-395-1212 (alligators to wolves, incl.)

Skidaway State Park 52 Diamond Cswy. 800-864-7275. (salt marsh; maritime forest; campground)

Bamboo Gardens 2 Canebrake Rd. 912-921-5460 (really! how many kinds exist?)

Museums: (old times live here)

Georgia State Railroad 655 Louisville Rd. 912-651-6823 (also children’s museum)

Mighty Eighth Air Force 175 Bourne Ave, Pooler 912-748-8888 (focus on WWII anyone?)

Ships of the Sea Maritime 41 Martin L. King 912-232-1511 (Models, paintings, & antiques)

Telfair Art 207 W. York St. 912-790-8800 (Monet exhibit opens 10/16!) (Mixed media exhibit now.)

Georgia Historical Soc. 260 Whitaker St. 912-657-2125

Fort Pulaski U.S. 80 E. (15 mi.) 912-786-6023 (working antique canon demo.)

Fort Jackson 1 fort Jackson Rd. 912-232-3945

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights 460 Martin Luther King 912-777-6099

King-Tisdell Cottage; Black Hist. 514 E. Huntington 912-236-5161

Tours: [for when you need help freaking out]

Ghosts & Gravestones 301 E River St. 866-955-1674

Haunted Savannah Lafayette Square 912-445-5027 [walking]

Ghost City Tours 912-660-0339

Savannah Slow Ride & Pub Crawl 912-414-5634


Bookstores: (or you could just read about it all in comfort)

The Book Lady 6 E. Liberty St. 912-233-3628 (new & used)

E. Shaver Bookseller 236 Bull St. 912-234-7257 (Local & regional)

Barnes & Noble 7804 Abercorn 912-353-7757

Saints & Shamrocks 309 Bull St. 912-233-8858 (Irish & So. Items)

General Shopping:

The Paris Market 36 W. Broughton St. 912-232-1500

Nourish & Kitchens 202 W. Broughton St. 912-232-3213

ShopScad 340 Bull St. 912-525-5180

City Market 219 W. Bryan St. 912-232-4903

Tanger Outlets Hilton Head 834-837-5410

Savannah Mall 14045 Abercorn 912-927-7467

Oglethorpe Mall 7804 Abercorn 912-354-7038

~~Suggested here are places we actually go during a “normal” year—but aside from some obvious attractions, we’ve included hangs that normal tourists might not stumble into without a local guide. (Unmentioned are most national chains; you already know about these.)
~~But, for food, it’s hard to get truly bad eats in Savannah; there are so many super eateries around that a new bad one atrophies fast. If you don’t see an appealing one our list, just try someplace at random. It’s probably good too.

SAIR 2015